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I have a 17 old year old cat. Her health is generally fine but as she has gotten older she has gotten incredibly needy and craves affection and company. She has visibly slowed down and sleeps a lot more than usual. She does not like strangers and when I have gone on holiday before she has often urinated inside the house and been very subdued on my return.
This summer I have to go away for 3 weeks and am very concerned that because of her age she will not cope and will simply curl up and pass away. I have arranged for a house sitter who is very good with cats but is there anything you suggest to make as little as traumatic for my cat as possible? Many thanks

sadly no i am afraid if your cat has this nature then there is not much that can be done. there are some medications available to calm cats down but this is generally only used for a short time like when travelling etc.

There are some scents that are claimed to calm a cat but i do not know much about them myself and have never tried them. I know this company does some remedies for calming down cats but i can't say how effective they are they are called the only natural pet store.

My own cat used to be the same and we just had to leave lots of litter trays around and cover soft furnishings to prevent accidents etc. But sometimes she was ok, sometimes not.

I'm sorry i couldn't advise anything more.

best wishes


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