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Cats/Bengal male with hind leg sores


I know your not an expert but I have a question because I cannot even get into make an appointment with my vet till Monday and I'm very worried. I have a pure blood Bengal male who will be 1 in September. My question is that yesterday my nephew came over and said my cat was bitten on his back leg when I looked on the joint of both his back legs are like sores there is no hair but looks something like what happens when you fall on cement but I can't tell if the skin is broken he wont let me look. I do have another cat a pure blood Himalayan female who is almost 4 years old not sure if that has anything to do with it but thought it might help could something be seriously wrong with him?? He is also a larger cat he isn't fat just big and broad.

your best bet is to keep in him in until you can get to see avet to avoid it getiing dirty etc outside. Alos try and bath it in some warm water.

That is all you can really do until a vet sees it. he may need some antibiotics and hopefully nothing is brocken or fractured and that it is either a nsty bite or scrape.

I hope all is well



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