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My cat is a 1 yr old house cat and keeps on scrathcing the side of its mouth, its red and scabby. Do you know how i could make it better and stop him from scratching it. He has been nutured and had an injection 4 chalmydia. Someone told me i could use sterodial cream. Is this true? please contact me asap. THNX

i would recommend that you have his mouth and face area checked my a vet in case their is a mite problem or skin allergy which could be causing your cat such irritation a to make him rub his fur so much that it produces a sore.

My own cat was like this for a while and it turned out she was having an allergic reaction to flea bites even though she was flea free, she only needed to be bitten once and her skin would become very itchy and she would go mad trying to scratch it away. her mouth area was one of the areas where she would rub like mad.

I wouldn't recommend that you use any non prescribed cream on your cat as it could easily be licked off and cause sickness. Much better to ask the vet for future reference if the cream you mentioned is safe for cats.

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