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Cats/Cat in roof space.


My cat recently (2 days ago) accessed the space in the roof of my house. She has been chasing mice etc in the roofspace  but won't come back down into the house despite me setting up an escape route via ladder and timber beam from the manhole in the ceiling. She appears now and then at the top of the ladder but doesn't seem to want to come down. She doesn't seem distressed at all. Should I be concerned or will she come down when she is ready ? My feeling is that she should have no trouble coming down as she is an agile and healthy 2 year old. Is she merely 'on a mission' or is she scared to use my escape route. She is an indoor/outdoor cat living on a small country acreage, and regularly brings mice and rabbits into the house as 'trophies'. Should I be concerned ?
Hope you can help.
Anxious owner.

no i wouldn't be concerned, she is just being a cat and as long as she can get down if she wants to then thats fine. The only problem you may have is if she is going to the toilet in your roof space, this could cause nasty odors and possible flies.

Yes it does sound like your cat is on a mission and is probably having a great time hunting out all the creatures that may live up there. Oh well, the joys of cat ownership :)

best wishes


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