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Hi! My husband and I adopted a kitty six months ago and have pampered her in every way possible ,but we thought another kitten might due her some good so that she would have someone to play with. So we adopted another kitty (he is much younger then she is)last week. We kept them apart and then gradually introduced them. The younger kitty fell in love with my older cat, but she didn't return the affection. She now constantly sulks, won't let us touch her or hold her, and if the other kitty comes near her she hisses and growls. The new cat has never once growled or hissed back or anything for that matter except he always wants to play with her. He chases her every where and she chases him back and sometimes he gets carried away and tries to jump on her and rough play, but she seems to get very mad and makes horrible noises and swipes and him until he gets scared and runs away. The moment he does that she runs off and the chasing begins again. I wouldn't be so worried except that she doesn't want to do anything normal when he is around except follow him aggressively and she doesn't even like us to pet her. What should we do?? I want her to be comfortable and I try to give her love and treats, but the more I give the more she doesn't want it. I am getting pretty desperate and have no idea what to do. Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you!


Oh dear this is often a common mistake some cat owners make thinking that another cat will be a companion for their existing pet. the truth is unfortunately that in a lot of cases especially if the cat has not been brought up around under animals from birth that they are likely just to see another cat as an intruder on their territory.

Please can i ask you to read my page about introducing cats to each other, i know it is not the first time your cats have met but it is sometimes possible to go back steps and try to introduce them again but under a more controlled environment.


Lets hope that your older cat over time will learn to accept the new cat, it may be that she will simply tolerate his presence and never truly become friends, but this is better than constant battles. Fingers cross for something better though.

best wishes


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