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Hi Kate,
My daughter has 2 cats, one is about 10 months old(spayed male) and the other is a kitten(female). She has recently lost her home and has asked me to take care of her cats until she gets a new house....My problems are as follows,
1...she lived in a flat, so neither Cat has been outside,
2.. I have already got a cat, who roams around the neighborhood and is used to freely coming and going as she pleases through the window!
I want to introduce the 2 cats to the outside world,I'm not so concerned about the kitten, but the tom cat worries me, I don't want to lose her cat!!,

Also, my cat is used to the window being open, and is a pampered kitty,she is 3 yrs old and I am concerned she will be a bit put out at the arrival of 2 new cats in "her" domain.
Have you any advice for me as to the right way to handle the situation without upsetting all felines concerned?
Thank you

you have two issues here the first to stop the cats running away. To reduce the risk of this you will have to keep the kittens in a room in your home for some time so that they get used to the new house and smells, then as you introduce them a little more to the house spread their scent around door posts etc. Please see my page about moving with a act the advice is similar here is the page /moving-with-cat.html

The second problem of introducing your cats is a similar situation and i have info regarding this. Luckily the two problems have similar solutions and so can be carried out together. Here is my page about introducing cats /introducing-cats.html

I hope my pages can help the kittens transition etc.

best wishes


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