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Hi, I have a darling little boy cat, his mother is pure Siamese and his father is a solid black cat of unknown breed. I am dying for him to impregnate my beautiful tabby female who is lighter in color in hopes that i will get at least a few kittens with more predominant Siamese markings and his endearing personality. He is willing to do the deed and she is MORE than willing to have it done, but as of yet there is no pregnancy. My male is just under a year old and my female is just over a year old. Up until now he hasn't quite reached the magic spot and has been working very hard at impregnating my females back!! not effective in the slightest!! Am i out of luck or should i just keep hoping that it will happen eventually. He was the runt of the litter and extreme forces had to be used in order to keep the wee boy alive. He is so dear, i want another just like him but possibly more Siamese looking and my female is getting quite frustrated. She goes into heat quite often and i don't want to keep her going like this too much longer if it will jeopardize her health. I need advise because all my online searches are coming up with nada!! Please help!!

well there isn't a lot that you can do to help the situation really. Due to his age and perhaps his shaky start in life i would suggest that he just needs more time to get up to speed as it were. Give him another four months i would say before you make any decisions about your female cat.

I assume he has been checked by a vet and is generally a healthy cat, so i would;t worry too much at this stage, he is just a slow starter.

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