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I am a self taught dog groomer, 30 years. Often people drop dogs on my land then go about their business! This time I was left with a baby kitten. I do not have the heart to take her to the pound or drop her off on the road as sick people do. Nor do I know how to effectually care for her. She weights 1.6lb and I think she is of the  Calico breed. She seemed wild at first but with love for a full day she has mellowed out. I have her outside in a cage until I can flea treat. I've decided to keep her and have started the deworm treatment. What product do you suggest that I use at this age (and I am guessing at the age) for fleas. I have three dogs (two that were dropped off) and who are flea free, and on frontline and heartguard. My knowledge for cats is limited being that I have never wanted one. Although, like the dogs this baby kitten has stole my heart too. I've had her now for two days and have named her "Lucky" She has runny eyes (I am treating) and some dirrea. I do intend to see out Vet first opening (end of June). In the meantime can you help? Thanking you in advance. Minnie

Well it is quite difficult for me to give you a comprehensive answer here about kitten care, my best advice is to point you in the direction of my website where i have lots of information about cats and health issues and care. Please take a look at my kitten care page first and then see my flea page. I'm not sure at what age a flea treatment can be given to a kitten it does very much depend on the cats age etc. Frontline should say on its packaging. once you do take the kitten for their shots after 4 months of age the vet will be able to advise better.

Any way good luck and bless you for taking the kitten in i hope my web pages can be of some help. here they are:



best wishes


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