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We found an abandoned kitten when he was 4 weeks old.  He is very sweet and loving.  Problem is that he nurses on my daughters earlobes and neck.  He is now 9 months old and still wants to nurse daily on her ears and neck.  Why does he do this and should we stop him?   It is odd to watch and he is sucking like its a bottle!!!

this sounds just like a habit he has got into and in itself is not harmful to him but it is probably advisable to try and stop him doing it as he may get into trouble in the future if he tries to nurse on a another cat. It may also affect his teeth in the long run.
Simply gently push him away when he does it, do not make a noise as any noise from you will be seen as a positive reaction even if you are telling no. Silence will confirm that the behavior is not accetable. It may take some time to break the habit but you will have to be consistent other wise he simply won't learn.

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