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i have a 10 month old male cat, he is pissing everywhere in laundry baskets on the floor and on cloths he wont stop ive had him since he was 6 weeks so hes not a stray cat, i cant take it, im 7 month pregnant but i don't want to get rid of him... my cat fox also meows all day off and on. i need just a little advice i want to make sure i can fix him before the baby comes

you did not mention if you have had him neutered. If not then having him neutered will help to stop this urination problem.

if he is neutered then this sort of behavior is often demonstrated when a cat is feeling stressed or worried about a situation and he is trying to make himself feel more secure in the home environment by making it smell of him. It may be that he senses your feelings about the coming baby and this is making him feel a little insecure.

This is not a bad behavior he is not being naughty it is a natural instinct brought on by changes happening or about to happen which the cat senses.

Please see my page about this here /cat-urine.html

The only way the behavior will be stopped if it is caused by changes is for the cat to be made to feel more secure and perhaps may even require some litter tray training again mentioned here on my training page /cat-litter-box.html

I'm sure that this is not a permanent situation and that things will settle down again soon.

Best wishes


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