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I have a 17 (human year) year old cat. She is just a plain moggie, like a mix breed, sorry i don't know the proper name.
But i noticed this weekend (she is not living with me at the moment because we are mid move with no fence or anything, so i can notice things about her before anyone else) that she is throwing one of her back legs in, more the right side than the left. And for an old cat she still jumps and does all the other things just as much as she used to. But she wasn't this weekend, and i even had steak trying to coax her to jump down a small (half meter) fence. She did jump up, but struggled a little bit.
I am very worried about her as i have had her since i was 3.
So i am trying to google things that will give me answers so i figured actually asking someone would be the best thing!
If you could help me, that would be amazing.

well 17 is a very good age for a cat and I'm not surprised that she is not as active as she used to be.

Cats can get arthritis too and it could well be that is what she has.
See my page about cat arthritis here /cat-arthritis.html

The best solution is to get her checked by a vet. if it is arthritis they may be able to give her some medication that will ease any pain that she may be experiencing.

best wishes


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