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When my 10 yr old cat comes in from the litter box, he basically needs wiped with a wet wipe. It is disgusting. It can be when he urinates and has wet litter on his behind or worse! I use tidy cat clumping litter. My baby is almost 9 months and crawling around the house. I hate to think that the cat is leaving feces, etc around! Any suggestions? It seems to be more often lately or maybe I'm just noticing more with a baby in the house. Have you heard of this before? Thanks.

i have heard of this, it generally happens when the cats are still young and not quite sure of how to use the litter tray still. It will improve over time as cats are very clean animals and do not like to be dirty.

There are many different types of litter on the market all with different textures and qualities. Some cats are just better with one sort rather than another and during the early days it is very much about experimenting with different ones to see which works best for them. I have a page about some of the different sorts on the market, i will put the link here for your information /cat-litter.html

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