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Cats/cat losing weight


our cat is roughly 13 years old and over the last 12 months has lost quite a lot of weight.  although there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with her she is sick about 2 times a week.  we have had her seen by a vet before and were told there is nothing to worry about, could you please just reassure us that there is nothing to worry about.
many thanks
ian buzzard

I can understand that you are looking for some reassurance but unfortunately this is something that is impossible to give as one i am not a vet and two i have not seen your cat.

Has the vet done blood work on her to rule out a thyroid problem? As this is often the case of rapid weight loss.

Of course it may just be old age and some cats do loss weight as they get older. the vomit thing can be caused by so many different and possibly unrelated issues that it is impossible to say if it is connected to the weight loss.

If you are still worried take her to another vet for a second opinion to at least put your mind at rest.

best wishes


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