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I recently inherited my friend's cat because of a change in her living situation. i have had the cat for about 8 months and we bonded really really well. Because it is getting really hot and I can't run my window unit all day long, I decided to get him shaved. I read a bit about it and it seemed safe he got the lion cut. This was just yesterday and maybe I'm overreacting, but he seems really traumatized from the experience. It was all i could do to get him to eat just a tiny amount and I'm no sure if/how much he is drinking either. I'm really worried about him. Do you think he'll be okay....oh, some details...he's about 6-7 year old maine coon...beautiful beautiful coat, but i just was worried about him over heating in the summer. Obviously never shaved, he handled the process well enough. I was with him the whole time the groomer did it. He was pretty calm once they let me hold him a little bit.

Can i just say and please do not take this wrong it is not a criticism, it sounds as if you are the sort of person who worries too much. Which in itself is ok except that it does seem to back fire on you and cause you even more worry. the reason i say this is that you were worried about your cat over heating, why? A cats body is able to regulate itself to changing temperatures and that is why the coat is constantly changing and molting etc. Also a cat is a very adaptable animal who is smart enough to find the coolest places. i myself owned a main coon cat and yes their coat does look think and fluffy but that is just their breed, the coat will still regulate itself. You should of course help your cat with his grooming by regularly brushing him twice a week to remove any loose hair to stop matting and fur balls but that is all really.

So having said all that your decision to have him shaved in my opinion was unnecessary but should not have caused him any harm. yes he may be a little upset my the experience but this should pass in a few days. cats bounce back quite quickly. Please do not worry, I'm sure your cat will return to himself in a short while. If he still is not drinking or eating after another day or so then it may be something completely different that is wrong with him and he may need to be checked by a vet.

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