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We have had a male cat since 1995 (from pound, neutered and all 4 claws removed by prior owner). His ten-year male companions died in Sep 2005; we picked up a female cat (1-2 yrs old) in Dec 2005 from same pound. Both are indoor cats, we take them outside supervised. After introduction issues, they got along fine for eighteen months. They then started fighting, often touched off if the male noticed other cats wandering through our yard, but they continued to fight for days. We've been using pheromones, which helped considerably, but two days ago they began fighting again, for no reason. They can walk up to each other, sniffing and grooming each other, but two minutes later be tearing out fur and caterwauling with no obvious provocation. What can we do to resolve this issue?

I am assuming the female cat is spayed also. If not then this could be an issue regarding temperament etc.

This does sound very unusual as they have been living together for some time now, so all i can assume is that it is a territorial issue regarding space and hierarchy in the home and it sounds like both cats want to be top cat as it were and so are not backing down, again unusual as normally one will decide that they will be subordinate to another dominant cat.

The only thing i can suggest is that you take away any situations that is a normal bone of contention in the cat world between cats so, make sure they have separate litter trays and areas, separate food bowls  again in separate areas or at least not next to each other and also make sure the home has plenty of stimulus for the cats to keep them happy and entertained, a bored cat can become a frustrated cat and this can come out as aggression.

I have lots of pages on my web site that may help ie indoor cats, aggressive cat behavior etc they may be able to provide you with some more information. here are the links to these pages.

I hope things work out soon for you all

best wishes


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