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hi, I have a silver coon, she is 14 months old, she started carrying around my socks! I thought she may be pregnant but she wasn't and have since had her spayed, but, she keeps bringing things home to me, so far I have had a pair of ladies socks, 2 slippers, a large piece of ham and a gents sock! why is she doing this? I have another coon she is two and a half she has never done this,although she brings me birds and mice! I am wondering what I can say to my neighbors! another question I have, is, my 12 year old tom moggie was neutered at one year and he has started spraying? I didn't think they could do this after the op?any thoughts on this too? thanks in advance

A silver coon, oh you are lucky, i think they are gorgeous.

Anyway back to your question. I used to have a main coon cat who used to steal my watch all the time and walk around the house with it in his mouth, he also used to like to carry off my mums ear muffs. So the answer to your question is that it is just a funny little quirk that some cats have and perhaps is more prevalent in main coon cats. But like all cats , each of them are different and some just have this habit. remember if she is bringing things to use it is seen as a gift to you, so is a lovely thing really. Just apologies to your neighbors if they ask and say that your cat means no harm but just as a funny habit of doing this.

As for your tom, they do stop spraying after being neutered to mark their territory for mating purposes but if they are stressed or worried about a certain situation they can use urination as both a marker and as a comforter. My best advice is to ask you to read my web page about this as it will give you some more info on this behavior and possibly give you some clues as to way he is doing it. here is my page /cat-urine.html

best wishes


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