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Cats/male cat agressiveness


I have two female cats and live in the country. A male wild cat mated with the
two females.  Now I cannot find the mother or her 7 week old babies, but I saw
the male cat for the first time in months under our stairs.  Would the male
harm the mother and babies?

there is a myth that goes around that a male cat can kill their kittens. this myth stems from the fact in some cases the female cat goes into a false season after giving birth and gives off all the in heat scents etc. this drives the male cat crazy with desire and tries to mate with her again. She will not allow this as it is a false season and she will shoo him off, however if he is still frustrated he may try to mate with the kittens of course this is not possible and sometimes during the attempted mating the kittens get strangled from the neck hold. this is very rare and isn't something that should worry about.

The male cat will want to protect his brood until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

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