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Ihave a 9year old chinchilla persian called max. although he is a big softy he has never let me groom him,so every year he goes to the vets to be shaved leaving just his head legs and tail.he has to be sedated for this even the vet cant handle him.this has never bothered him before but since he had it done last week he has been acting very strange,he clings to me like glue following me everywhere and as soon as i sit down hes on my knee,not only does he sit on me he grips on so tight it hurts, its as if hes scared i will send him off again. poor little love i feel so sorry for him. do you think it has something to do with the sedative, im worried it may have affected him in some way. I would be grateful of any suggestions. Thankyou barbara

Hi Barbara
I have heard of this behavior before after a trip to the vets or groomers for similar treatments. i think it has more to do with the trauma of the whole experience rather than the sedative. It will have made him feel less secure and so is clinging to you for comfort and reassurance.

Have you ever taken him to a groomers? They have techniques which can help cats get used to being touched and groomed. Also i recently saw a demonstration for something called ttouch which over time allows owners to groom previously aggressive cats. It may be worth having a look as it would be great if your cat didn't have to be sedated every time.

best wishes


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