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QUESTION: hi so this is my first cat, and she gave birth yesterday June 23rd, I wasn't home, and when i got home, i noticed she was skinnier and was dirty from her private part, so i then realized she had given birth, but i have no idea where her kittens are, and i don't know whether she gave birth indoors or outdoors, can you help me?

i can understand your anxiety but you shouldn't worry too much about the kittens. Most cats are very good at being mothers and have a very strong instinct when it comes to protecting and looking after their kittens. The mother cat would have had them in na place she would have felt safe and secure in and so the kittens are probably very hidden.
Make sure your cat has access to both inside and out so that she can get to them when she needs to. She will bring them home once she decides the time is right. There really isn't much you can do to help at the moment, just make sure your mum cat is getting good nutritional food so that she is strong enough to feed and look after kittens.

I'm sure you will see them soon if all went well at the birth.

best wishes

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QUESTION: Just letting you know that i found my cats kittens in my basement ;) she had four, but one didn't make it =( i just know it was born alive, i think it had just died when we found them all, since it was still warm, and soft?? Anyways thanks for the help ;) and i was wondering, these kittens are 3 days old they were born on Monday, should i let the mama cat feed them? for how long? then what do i do??  

my best advice is to ask you to read my page about Kitten care it will help you to understand what your kittens need here is the link /kitten-care.html

The mother cat will know how to look after them best even if she is a first time mother. yes the kittens should be with the mother cat most of the time. In fact during the first week us humans should not handle them too much just stand back and the mother cvat get on with it. As for the biting behavior it is not biting the kitten waht looks vicious to us isn't and it is important that the kittens are allowed to be taught by their mother. She was probably going to pick it up.

Please do not worry too much, cats are very good mothers if left to their own devices.

best wishes


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