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I have 2 two year old desexed male cats. I recently acquired a 6 week old female kitten (pet shop - think taken from mummy too soon) she suckles on both boys as if feeding - they let her.  odd and concerning - how I stop it? and how I help the boys chaffed nipples?

poor little thing, yes it does sound like she was taken from the mother too soon. This is the problem with pet shops selling animals, they are only in it for the money.

The only answer is for you to become her mother for a short while, feeding her when she wants food, with either a bottle and then with soft kitten food on a small spoon. This can be very time consuming and will probably go on for another couple of weeks.

As long as you are there to feed the kitten she should stop seeking out the boy cats. There nipples will heal naturally once this sucking stops. It may be an idea not to leave the boy cats alone with the kitten for another couple of weeks to help the kitten wean off of the suckling behavior.

I wish you all the best with your new furry friend.

best wishes Kate
here is my page about kitten care just for your info /kitten-care.html


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