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my cat has been meowing really loud lately and her tummy is huge and her nibbles are REALLY pink. and when i pet her tummy i can feel things pushing and moving around. and once i lift her up and her *pussy* hole was open really wide. Does that mean she is really really close? What should i do to help her? This is her first time. My mother wont let me have inside. Should i just put a box outside with tons of blankets? Why isnt she eating alot like she use to? what if she has trouble? Should i help her? I am sorry for asking alot its just i am really worried. This is my first cat ever.

first of all, don't panic. Cats have been having kittens for a very long time and even though this is your cats first time, she will still have the instincts to know what to do.

yes you could provide a nice comfy box outside for her but she may choose to have them elsewhere. it is up to her after all.

She doesnt need help, just leave her to her own devices. It can take a long time for kittens to be born. the worst thing you can do is fuss around her this will only upset her. She needs quiet and to be left alone.

Keep your distance and just talk quiety and softly to her. I'm sure all will be fine

best wishes


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