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Our sweet 1 year old cat (indoor) was scared by our neighbor's dog who came into our home quite accidently.  The dog only got a step or two in, but our very sweet and personable cat got so scared that she attacked the dog and our other cat, Chloe(mom)who was nearby. I spent most of the evening trying to get her settle and feeling safe.  I kept the cats away from each other all night hoping Savannah would have time to "get over it," but this morning she attacked Chloe again. She growls & hisses when she feels unsafe.  She won't go near her litter box, presumably because she smells Chloe.  She's a completely different cat, it seems.  Is there anything other than traumatization going on here?  Any suggestions as to how to handle the next couple of weeks with my 3 kids & Chloe?

this is completely normal and is known as trauma aggression. the cat is afraid and is takinger fear out on anyone of anything near by.
the only way to calm your cat down will be a few days of complete quite and isolation to one room so that they can become confident a gain in a smaller space. Also make sure they have their own litter tray etc.
then after a few days start to reintroduce your other cats smell then little periods of supervised contact as if you were introducing them for the first time. It is all about getting your cats confiodence back. It may sound a slow process but it is worth it in the end to have a happy home again.

best wishes kate


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