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The kitty in question today gets her nails trimmed because she likes to knead and it's very painful with untrimmed nails as well as getting them caught in things as she walks. Her nails don't have the nice clean curve like they used to, the underneath side of the curve looks like it's filled in. Her nails flake and peal this extra shell off until she has nothing but an extremely sharp tip and the quick is exposed. This does not SEEM to bother her but one was bleeding just slightly last night, my main concern is that they will get worse and start causing her problems or she may get an infection in them since the quick is so exposed. I have several cats but she is the only one that has this problem this bad, I have a couple of others that look like they might have a slight case of it.

Is this natural? Am I trimming too much or too often? Is there anything I can do to correct this? Any advise would be appreciated.

no this does not sound right, there should be no bleeding and the quick should not be exposed. this could become very painful and even infected.
I can't say whether or not it is because you are clipping the claws too often although they should only need to be done once every month of so if your cat has not worn them down herself using scratching posts etc.

If i were you in this situation i would take her to the vets to checkout that there is no infection of the nail which could be causing the slaking etc at least then you will know what you are dealing with.

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