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We have been having a problem with Mocha, our siamese kitten (petshop bought). First let me say I don't believe this is a problem of the breed, because I have had TONS of siamese over the yrs and have never had this problem. He will pounce and use his paws (with claws!) to grab your hand or arm and pull it toward him and then proceed to chew OBSESSIVELY on your hand, thumb, etc.  If you try to ignore it and allow him, then he will continue to chew, almost also in a suckling manner, and purr, until you force him away.  Then, he forcefully jumps back on you, again grabbing you with his paws, and repeats the behavior.  A few times I got agitated and knocked him off of me rather forcefully but he just comes back for more, like he is physically craving my skin.  It almost makes me think of a male holding down a female with his teeth to mate her, but he is only around 3 months old or so.  If I thought it would help to go ahead and get him fixed, I would, but he seems young to be showing that kind or behavior yet.  I will keep pushing/knocking him down until I'm so irritated I just lock him in the bathroom, but as soon as we let him out it's just more of the same and we are on the verge of getting rid of him.  He is a full-blooded siamese that we paid $200 in for and I would like to make this work but he is making me hate him with his extreme behavior.  Should we take him to the vet? Get him fixed?  Please advise.  Thank you!!

this is normal kitten behavior. he is learning to hunt and attack. Unfortunately he has to learn that humans are not to be attacked.

the way to do this is to make the experience a negative one rather than a positive one. A positive reaction from you is, shouting, touching him, putting him on the floor even knocking him off. this is a positive reaction. Instead and i know this is hard to do and you will need to be persistent. is not to make a sound, don't look at him, get up and walk quickly out of the room away from him. and keep walking away every time he behaves this way or bites. every time.

Then you will have to play with him using toys rather than your hands at other times. But if he tries to bite you have to stop the game and walk away.

eventually they will learn what is fun and what get a bad negative reaction.

Some cats are just a little more aggressive naturally and need to have this behavior reinforced.

i wish you every success and yes book his op in soon.

best wishes


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