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Hi there,

I've recently just taken on 2 cats and am fostering them at present.  Both cats
had cat flu that they are just overcoming.  They were given antibiotic shots
and paste from the vet to help with this.  It has been 2 weeks since they've
been with us and are doing great.  However, the last 2 nights have been
sleepless ones for my partner and I as the mother cat starts howling around
3am.  We tried closing our door and that just made it worse.  When we open
the door she'll come in for a bit, then goes away and starts howling again
until we pay attention to her.  There is food and water and a clean litter box.
We're just about to go away for a week and I'm afraid that our house/cat sitter
will not know what to do and will not be able to handle them.  I'm also
concerned that our neighbours are at their wits ends as well :-(  Any advice
on what might help stop the howling?  They are both female and set to be
spayed in 2 weeks.  They are mother and daughter part rag doll cats.  The
mother is probably about 1 1/2 and the daughter 8 months.  Any help would
be greatly appreciated :-)  thanks!

Hi this is a very common problem. Cats are essentially night creatures as this is when they would do all their major hunting and territory staking etc. So to your cat night time is when she wants to play and have attention. the meowing is just her way of getting that from you.

Unfortunately it can be a hard habit to break. You will need to play some very energetic runaround games with her about and hour before your bedtime, then feed her just before you go to bed.

I have a web page about cat meowing behavior also for your info here /cat-meowing.html

Try the suggestion for some time, persistence and routine is the key.

best wishes


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