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I have a one year old maine coon (mix brown tabby).  He attached me this morning, not only scratching but bitting. I made him stop, which made him attack me again even harder.  He did this three times before I actually hit him and got the water bottle and sprayed him. He did that a long time ago, however this time is was pretty bad.  I didn't provoke this behavior.  Is this something that will increase as he gets older?  Do I need to put him on prozak or something?

this is unusual behavior for a min coon as they are known as the gentle giants. i had a main coon and he never once became aggressive.

usually cats are aggressive fore many reasons too many to mention here. I have a web page about cat aggression which may be of help here /aggressive-cat-behavior.html

Take a look to see if there is anything that that may have caused your cat to behave in this manner.

cats don't usually become more aggressive as they get older, so i wouldn't worry about that. Your cat is either carrying out learned behavior of something has upset him, just a thought you weren't wearing a very strong perfume that day were you? i only mention this as i have known several very placid cats in my lifetime that struck out for no other reason than i had changed my perfume that day. Its a thought.

Bets wishes Kate


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