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What can i do to insure that these two kittens i found will survive?  The mother is no longer living.  I fed them once and a friend of mine are taking care of them for me. I can not keep them. I have a male cat and a female cat already and i don't want them to harm them. How can i keep them warm? How many times a day should My friend and i Keep them alive long enough. they are still in the nursing  stage of life. they are too small and young to be taken of milk?

keep them in a cardboard box with layers of warm news paper or blankets in the bottom, make sure the box is in a warm place.

Feed them only cats milk which you can buy as normal milk will give them upset stomachs.

Kittens need lots of small feeds every couple of hours day and night for the first few weeks after which time you can feed them small amounts of soft kitten food again small amounts as their stomachs are small but they need topping up regularly.

Keep a litter tray with low sides near to the sleeping area and after feeding put them in the litter tray and massage their tubby to mimic the mother cat licking and stimulating a toilet movement.

At this age it is a good a idea to take them to the vets for a check up as they can be very susceptible to infection during these early days. The vet will also be able to advise on any care issues.

here is my web page about kitten care /kitten-care.html

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