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Hi, I have owned a female (spayed) bengal cat for over 7 years now, and I decided to get a rescued male (neutered) bengal (who is 5) about 6 months ago.  I went about the process of introducing the cats and after a few weeks I was successful.  I did not have any problems.  Recently (about a month ago), I came home to find that the 2 cats go into a fight and there was feces all over the house.  Both cats were distraught from fighting.  I immediately separated them.  First of all, I don't know what caused the fight.  And secondly, I was told to reintroduce them again.  I tried this, but I have been unsuccessful.  The female continues to hiss at the male.  The male appears to want to play, but when the female gets defensive, he tries to attack her.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  Do I go back to the reintroduction process yet again? Are there any other options?  The female is front declawed, but the male does have all his claws.  This is a concern as well.  I would hate to get rid of him, so I would like to try to get them to be friends again : )  Thanks!

this is a difficult situation. I am also sad to hear that the female has been partially declawed, that could be difficult for her to defend herself.

Why this aggression persists is difficult for me to ascertain as i do not know the home situation. In most cases like this the pair are trying to work out there place in the family ie who is boss etc. This is normal and usually settles down. If there are other factors which are causing the cats to fight like boredom or frustration, this could also be causing the aggression.

It is essential that these cats have a large are to roam in as they are very active cats and require a lot of stimulation and activity. I don't know if you allow them out or if you have an outside enclosure, but this would give them the space they need so that they can at least get away from each other if they want too. If they are confined to the house then it is essential that the cats have their own areas to retreat to, separate beds, litter trays etc also that their is plenty for the cats to do, ie climbing, playing etc.

Since there has recently been a big fight things will either calm down or escalate only you will be the best to judge whether or not they have settled down a little or whether they will need to be separated for a while and then reintroduced.

I have added couple of links to pages that may provide further help


I do hope things calm down soon for you all

best wishes


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