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Cats/why is she hissing???


hi im lexi.I have 2 cats.
on monday July,2008 my cousin and i discovered that they had my mom went to the store to buy flea and tick shampoo.later that day we gave them a bath.ever since then flower the female has been hissing at tigre the male.i need your help.i did have two fun cats but now i have a mean cat and a depressed HELP ME!!!

it could be that she was distressed by the flea treatment of that the smell of it has upset her and made her feel uncertain. when a cat feels this way they often react aggressively to the nearest thing. in this case your cat even though they have nothing to do with the fear. It is known as aggression trauma. usually it will subside in a day of two, for now keep them apart until they calm down.
remember don't tell your cat off they are probably both feeling a little unsettled and even a little afraid. Give them space and lots of affection and time. try to distract them with games etc.

Don't worry thing will normally settle down again


best wishes Kate


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