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Cats/kitten driving me crazy!


Help!  I got a kitten (she was found with a litter) about five months ago.  I decided to keep her as I travel a lot for work and thought she would be good company for my older cat.  My older cat still wants nothing to do with her, and now the kitten is more aggressive toward my older cat....eating her food and pushing her out of the way, attacking her, chasing her, jumping and pouncing on her, and my older cat is stressed out.  Also, the kitten is urinating outside the box, destroying my house, eating her food way too fast and then throwing it up, attacking me by constantly biting, scratching or jumping on me or attacking my feet and legs every time I try to do anything or walk.  I got her fixed hoping that might calm her down, but it hasn't.  I cannot see myself getting rid of her but I am at my wit's end.....I have tried water bottles, air pump blowers, noise makers, the word no, expensive behavior modification scent makers, etc. and nothing works.  i am losing my patience and then yell at her and then feel guilty about it.  i don't know what to do, and i've already been told that i should not have gotten a young kitten with an older cat.  well, too late for that, now i just need to know how or if i can change the behavior of the kitten before she really affects my older cat's sanity and my own.

oh dear this is a difficult situation as like you say too late now as you already have her. Unfortunately it sounds like your cat is craving attention and activity. As you are away lot she may be getting very bored as some cats just need more attention than others and so she is taking it out on your other cat and you when you are around. Also the urinating out of the box could be a sign of stress or anxiety as it can be used as a comforter to themselves ie it makes the place smell,ell of them and so they feel more secure.

I don;t know what sort of setup you have at home ie are they allowed outside, who looks after them while you are a way and what do these people provide for your cats.

I am not sure what i can advise if you are away from home a lot, i know that some cat services will also provide play time with your cats as well as just feeding etc, that may be an option. Also if the cats are kept in it is important that their home environment is made as stimulating for them as possible, so that they don't become bored and frustrated. I have some info about indoor cat here on my web site for your information /indoor-cats.html

Other than that it is possible that as she gets older she will calm down and settle into a more relaxed routine. Other than that the only other option would be to adopt her out to somewhere where they will have more company and or things to do.

I hope the situation calms down for you soon as i know how upsetting this can be all round.

best wishes


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