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Cats/odd sleeping behaviour


About 4 months ago we had a cat flap fitted to our front door. For the first couple of months Our cat Mollie used the flap with no changes to her routine (other than asking us in her own way to go out.
Recently she has taken to sleeping behind the front door, always positioning herself so that she is looking towards the flap. She does this whether we are in the house or not( we have to bend down and check through the flap before opening the door so we don't hurt her when we come home)
I know cats sleep anywhere, but could there be another reason for her unusual choice of sleeping place?

this is not unusual and i have heard of this before. It may well be that other cats can be seen through the flap or they are coming visiting and leaving their scent near the flap. This will make your cat feel as if they have to protect their territory.

I'm not sure if there is much you can do about it apart from either making sure that other cats are not getting into your house via the cat flap or by making the flap not see through, however this may still not make your cat entirly worry free and they may continue to want to gaurd the door.



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