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i had two kittens about 2 weeks ago who are both 8 week old females.  we have had to have mam cat back due to this woman having a child.  THe kittens and the cat are hissing at each other and i wonder how long this will take and will she realise in time that they are her babies or will she just see them as two other cats?  Many thanks Bethan

yes this can be a problem. Unfortunately due to their time apart they have lost their bond. And yes your mum cat is seeing them as just two other rival cats in the home.

It is probably a good idea to treat them all as new cats to each other and go through the introducing new pets to each other routine described here /introducing-cats.html

Hopefully it won't take as long and if you can put the mums scent on the babies and visa versa then they may except each other again quickly.

But it is important to take things a little slowly at first so that they can all build their confidence. Hissing is just a sign of fear and uncertainty a lot of the time. Once they get used to each other again , things should settle down. Also once the kittens reach about 4 months old it will be time to start to think about spaying them and this will also reduce any further tensions in the home.

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