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Hi, We just adopted an abandoned kitten (we estimated she was about 10 mos to a year) she just had kittens about 8-10 weeks ago that were adopted elsewhere. We got her a week ago and then she was spayed.  She stays under the bed for most of the day and then comes out at night to eat and roam around the house and sometimes crys.  What can we do to help her adapt to being an indoor cat and to being social in day hours?

Often in cases such as this it is simply time that will help your cat to over come their fears and gain some confidence.
It is important that your behavior around her is confident and not worried as she will pick up on this and will make the problem worse.
make sure her environment is stimulating with toys and climbing things for her, also you can hide treats in toys for her to get out.

Don't try to force her out of her hiding place as this will also make things worse.

the best thing is to let her become confident one room at a time until she is completely happy in her new home etc. try spreading her own scent around the home using a towel, this can help them.


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