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Cats/think my cat due to have kittens


she has about 7 days to go but i havent seen them move do they move much maybe im not lookin long enough. my mum says not to worry but my cat looks like shes going to explode shes huge. please reply as im a worried 11 year old

I'm not sure what you are worried about. If your cat was in any kind of distress she would let you know my not eating, possibly crying, possibly not using the litter tray, sleeping a lot etc.

Nature is a funny thing and can sometimes look rather distressing ie huge tummies etc but everything will take its course in good time when everything is ready.

When your cat does go into labor you must not fuss her or be worried around her as it will make her anxious she will sense your mood. Instead talk softly to her, do not interfere when the kittens are born they should be left alone for the mother cat to take care of. She will know what to do.

The only time a human can get involved and this is rare so don't worry is if a kitten becomes stuck and then you may gently help it out but this is rare, if you interfere unneccearily you could hurt the cat or the kitten.

Please don't worry, nature is a wonderful thing and cats are very good at being mothers.

best wishes


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