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I just got two cats about 2 months ago that had lived together about a year.  One of the cats if real affectionate (Sadie).  The other cat is very skidish.  I started showing a lot of affection to the other car (Blackey).  I don't think he had gotten that much before because his owner was away a lot.  Blackey has started to be very aggressive to Sadie and has started to bite Sadie when she tries to get away from Blackey.  Sadie hasn't been affectionate to me any more because of Blackey's jealousy.  I am concerned because Sadie cries sometimes when Blackey bites her.  How do I stop the biting and keep Blackey from being so jealous?  Blackey has tried to bite me a few times, but I caught him before he did.  I think he was being playful with me, but I don't think so with the other cat.

this is a difficult one as it sounds like he thinks biting is a game and is Ok and he is doing it both when playing with you and with the other cat.

this is a learned behavior that he picked up when he was younger. either he was taken away from his mother too soon before she taught him to play nice as it were or that a human used to play with him with their hands making him think that it is ok to attack and bite flesh.

My best advice is to ask you to read a couple of my pages about cat aggression and cat discipline. they will give you some idea as to how to best deal with this.I must warn you though it can be a long process that has to be rigidly kept to.

Here are my pages

I hope they help :)
best wishes Kate


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