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I just noticed that my cats meow has changed. It now is very horse. She is a 5 year old calico and is indoor and outdoor. She is eating normally, drinking and playing. I have read things like it could be thyroid, cancer and even upper respioratory problems. I have not taken her to the vet due to tight money situation. I was wondering if this is something that I can just watch and see what happens or if it is serious? Thanks in advance.

It depends on how long this has been going on for. If it is only a few days then it could be a simple sore throat that will pass. However if there is a noticeable change and it has been like this for some weeks i don't think i would wait to be on the safe side. It could be something stuck down there like a seed which could become infected or any one of the things you mentioned.

Hopefully it is just a simple sore throat.

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