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Dear Kate,perhaps you can help me. I have a 12 year old male cat whom Ive never had any problems with him going outside of his litter box.All of the sudden for the past few weeks he has pooped and peed in various places in the house. Do you have any idea why he would suddenly do this and what i could do? Thanks for any advise you may have!

usually when this happens something has changed or happened in or around the cat to make them feel that they have to mark their home again to make it smell of them and therefore make them feel secure again.
What that something is can be anything from a stranger coming into the house who perhaps smelt of another animal or even new furniture being bought or even moved. cats can be affected by so many small things.
My best advice is to ask you to read my web page about this behavior and see if you can think what may have caused it. It may be that you will have to try and retrain him to use the litter tray if all else fails. i will also add a link to a page about litter training.

Hope these pages can help with your problem.

best wishes Kate




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