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QUESTION: Sorry, but to get back to you, I didn't ask an actual question. My question to be asked was:  Do you know what is causing my cat to want to frequently come in and out of the house?  If so, how can the cat be treated?  I has also sat in a water bowl.  Could u tell me why that may be also?

it is difficult to diganose behavioral issues like this without knowing more about eh acts home life and back ground.

However most cats like to be active and going in and out is quite common. My own cat will do the same if the door is left open for her.

I wouldn't worry too much it probably just means that you have an active cat who finds outside more interesting than inside and feels only the need to come in for food etc.

I don't think there is anyway you can treat this as it is not an illness but just the cats preference.

If you are worried at all about your cats health then the best person to diagnose anything will be your vet.

best wishes

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QUESTION: However, the cat at timez didnt seem to know "if it were coming or going" as it would go to the door and then leave it.  

The cat doesn't get attention from everyone.  I shew it away when it is irritating me.  Well, as for the background of it it was a give away cat so maybe it wasn't well-treated.  Not everyone here accepts it's ways either.

well if you suspect that the cat is confused or behaving erratically then the vet will be the only one who can diagnose the problem.

More kitty sounds as if he may have a problem. I hope the vet can find the cause and help him out.

best wishes


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