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Cats/cats pooping on bed. help!!


I just got two new kittens, about 6 months old they said at the adoption center. I also have a small black lab who I've had for over a year now. I've had the kittens for about two weeks now, and they have got the crazy idea in their heads (or at least one does)that my bed is their alternate litter box. My roommate has accepted the responsibility to take care of their litter box because he's the one who wanted the cats mostly in the first place, but now they have not only pooped and peed twice on the bed, but it was liquid poo at that. They have been eating the dogs food, and we're trying to only feed her twice a day so that they don't get at it. But I'm wondering if perhaps you can shed some light on WHY they have chosen MY bed for this particular purpose? I'm at the point of giving them back, and I hate that idea. But I'm not willing to let cats use my bed as a litter box.

Please help :(

this is a very common problem and beds seem to be a favorite place for this to happen on. I think that it is  mainly due to the fact that it smells strongly of you, which may comfort them and they think that this is a safe place.

The behavior could be down to the stress of getting use to a new home and they are desperately trying to make themselves feel at home and doing this will spread their scent and make them feel safer.

the only way to stop it is to prevent access to the bed and to give them some intensive litter training see my page here /cat-litter-box.html

Also i think it is very important that they don't get access to the dogs food as it may be giving them upset stomachs which could also be adding to the problem.

I know this can be a frustrating problem but it will pass with a little training and time,

best wishes


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