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Cats/constipated kittens and whether or not to use goat's milk


My husband and I took in two abandon kittens on the 13th of August so we will have had them 3wks this coming wednesday. My first question is regarding what to do about constipation. I read on one of the web sites to give 3 drops of mineral oil per ounce of weight or use 4parts powedered formula 3parts water and 1 part plain pumpkin. Last night I put 3 drops of mineral oil in the bottle of formula which is equal to 4tablespoons and gave them a little water in a bottle. I found two small hard nuggets in their bed today but they haven't had a soft bowel movement when I washed them after feeding them. What would you suggest I do?
My second question is regarding goat's milk. One of my co-workers raised a kitten on goat's milk and said he did just fine. My mother-in-law, who watches them during the work hours, thinks the goat's milk isn't as nutricious and is causing the constipation. I would only add a small portion of goat's milk with mainly the formula and water. What is the scoop on goats milk, nutrition and using it on kittens?

Thank you for your advise.

cat constipation can be very common if they do not drink enough water. often cats will not drink extra water if they are only eating wet food i.e they don't feel thirsty. i always mix my cat food with wet food and dry kibble, this seems to make her drink more water.

regarding the goats milk, I'm afraid i know nothing about goats milk. All i do know is that if it contains lactose like cows milk it is not recommended for cats as they have a intolerance to lactose. thats why you can buy special cats milk which has lactose removed.

My best advice is to try and make them drink more water and continue with the oil. Also you could try gentle rubbing of their tummies to try and stimulate some motion.

I have a web page about cat constipation that may also be of some help here /cat-constipation.html

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