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It's 4 in the morning. I have just been awoken by my cat seeming to be possessed! i Live in Boston, in a basement apartment. She is an indoor cat and sits on my windowsill to watch the world. Being in a basement apartment, she is right at ground level in the window. I awoke to what sounded like cats fighting/moaning. When I found the source of the noise, it was just my cat. Nothing was outside. (There's neighborhood cats who she's growled at and lunged at outside the window) WHen I tried to touch her or take her off the window, she hissed and growled at me - which she's never done. I turned the lights on and tried to talk to her from across the room. She sat, hunched, moaning and growling. VERY strange. After a few minutes of me talking to her in a high pitched, calming (I hoped) voice, she came over to me, sat on the floor in front of me and looked at me while softly growling. I was firmer, as now she seemed to be growling at me, and told her to stop. Now she's gotten off the window sill, her fur has come down from being puffed up and she seems back to her self. UM....WHAT? Did maybe something just scare her outside? I'd appreciate your thoughts!

yes sounds like something has upset her and she has reacted badly to it. I have heard of this before especially during the night when they are more alert.

There is something called trauma aggression which is when na cat acts aggressively towards something or someone that had nothing to do with the trauma. Its as if they are blaming there fear on something else so that they have something to react too.

I wouldn't worry too much, but it is important that your cat has lots to keep them active and stimulated if they are indoor cats so that they do not focus on things outside too much which can make them frustrated. I have a page about indoor cats here /indoor-cats.html

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