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my cat has a swollen eye and the bottom of her eyelid is all pulled up so that we cant see her eye. There was also some crust that was all over her eye, and the other night i was laying with her and she sneezed and next thing i know there was blood all over me. I took her up to my mom and she thought that her eye exploded and we don't know whats wrong with her. is there anything we can do instead of going to the vet (we don't have the money for that)?

if your cat has an infection in the eye then it is important that they get some antibiotics to cure it.

If your cat has cat flu which can be quite nasty especially if the cat is young they should also see the vet for treatment. One of the responsibilities of owning a cat is being able to look after it and that includes paying for vet bills.

Without knowing what the real problem is it is impossible to treat it. Are there no animal charities in your area that could help.

Make sure your cat is help comfortable and warm, make sure they get plenty of fluids to drink this is important and if possible try to bath the eye gently with warm water. But apart from that he sounds as if he really does need some medical care. i hope you can find a way to get this for him.

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