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I took in a new female cat 1 1/2 weeks ago that is 4 years old.  My other cat is about 2-3 years old (female) and we recently acquired her from an animal shelter about 6 months ago.  The two cats can't seem to get along.  The new cat has a very sweet personality, but is scared easily.  The older cat also has a very laid-back sweet personality, and seemed somewhat scared of the new cat for the first few days after we got her.  Now the older cat is trying to approach the new cat, but each time it happens, the new cat gets terrified.  It leads to hissing and growling (from both cats) and the new cat dashes under my bed and hides.  Now it seems like the older cat is daring the new cat to come around her.  The new cat is soooo scared that she rarely comes out from hiding.  She will never come out if the older cat is around.  I have never seen my older cat hiss, but she will hiss at the new cat. And the new cat has never hissed or growled before, according to her previous owner, but she does now.   We had a cat when we got the older cat, and she never acted this way with her. They didn't necessarily get along well, they just ignored each other.   That cat recently passed away, and that is one reason we got the new cat.  How do I get my current 2 cats to get along?

the secret is to build there confidence slowly with each other. So it recommended that you introduce cats to each other over a period of weeks using the method described here /introducing-cats.html

The slower the introduction the better chance you will have of having cats that will accept each other.

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