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Our 11 week kitten is still in his safe room overnight.   When I get him out in the morning, he is sweet, cuddly, purrs, etc., for about 1 minute.   He then wants to bite, so I put him down for the long walk to the kitchen.   He does the constant stopping right in front of each foot, goes between my feet, etc.   Picking him up for the walk just brings on more biting.  His behavior for the rest of the day is pretty angelic, with a few lapses into the tripping mode.   I usually carry a toy on a stick for him to chase during the walk to the kitchen, but thought that might encourage his idea of rough play/chase/bite as we walk.  Thank you VERY much.
Sally Bergeson, age 63

yes it sounds as if the kitten is learning that at this time it is play time.
When you let him out just open the door and go straight to the kitchen. If he tries to bite or play, move quickly away from him making no sound (this is a negative reaction if practiced over and over again he will learn that this is not game time.

Your kitten needs to learn when it is playtime and when it is not and also what is play and what is biting.

See my pages about cat discipline /cat-discipline.html and the pages about aggressive cats./aggressive-cat-behavior.html

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