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Cats/wants my kittens to be friends.


i have a female kitten and she is about 9 months or so and the other day i found another baby kitten im not sure how old she is but it has to be weeks. anyway they are both not fixed and my older kitten hate the baby and me. she hisses at me and tries to swat at me. today she did a little better and didnt hiss so much however whenever she is near the baby she swats at her is there a way to get her to like the kitten and forgive me because i miss my princess.

the aggression towards you is probably associated with the presence of the new kitten. Its not jealousy but stress and uncertainty which causes the behavior.
hissing and swatting is often a sign of fear as well. So basically your kitten feels insecure and is showing this by hissing etc.

The two kittens need to be introduced slowly to each other to ensure that they do not feel too insecure all at once. please see my page about introducing cats here /introducing-cats.html

Also try to spend some time on your own with your older kitten, playing etc. but make sure you do not smell of the other kitten. use non scented soap to wash your hands (do not use perfume to try and cover up the odor as this can also cause some cats to hit out.

Don't worry I'm sure given some time and TLC your older kitten will calm down again.

best wishes


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