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Bonnie and Clyde will be three years old in January.  Clyde started occasionally poopin out side the little box, either in the family room carpet or the golf room carpet.  I keep the doors shot when we sleep and lay towels down all around the family room while we sleep.  This does deter him - and then he'll poop in the litter box.  He does pee in the litter box.  Thank GOD!!!  When he poops in the litter box - and I can catch quickly after words - I give him so much praise and a treat.  I have three litter boxes and keep them in different areas of our home and all VERY clean.    I'm so frustrated with this.    Both cats get so much attention and love.  Eat very good.  I'm so frustrated - how can I break this??    No issues with Bonnie.

when this sort of behavior occurs it is known as Middening.

middening is another form of scent marking but is usually only used where the cat feels very upset by something. I have written a page about this behavior here/cat-poo.html

Also sometimes even though we think we have got rid of the any trces of the scent of the poop the cat may still smell it. try sprinkling some bicarbonate of soda where he goes and leave it for an hour then vacuum up just in case their is any scent left as this will encourage them to use the spot again.

best wishes Kate


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