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Hello! :) I have a cat (named Payton) who is probably about 5 years old now. Since i have had him, i have always had my own place (apartment or home) and he has had plenty of room to play. He also used to escape the house on a regular basis but would always return (happier than ever to be outside). I just moved into a new house with some people. I actually live in a room that is seperate from the house. My roomates are allergic to cats so i have been forced to keep Payton in my room..which is 11'x17' its a decent size. I hate it for him..he seems ok but it has only been a few days. What are your thoughts on this? I hate to have him in that one area..because im sure he would prefer to have more room...and a cat living in that one room all the time can get..well..stinky. My only options are to either find him another home (which i would hate to do..i love that little guy) or begin allowing him outside like and outdoor/indoor cat. The only problem with that is he would have no way of coming in and out on his own...and im afraid he would bring flea's and stuff in. Any advice?? Do you think he will be fine in that one area (based on size of room..again 11ft X 17ft. Im kinda stuck...thanks!!!

well i am personally against keeping a cat indoors all the time as they are essentially wild animals at heart and need to be able to follow their instincts like hunting (even if it is just going through the motions), exploring etc. I think your cat would hate being confined to that room especially as he has experience of being outside.

their are many issues here. Firstly he would not bring fleas into the house as long as you treat him every month with flea killer behind the neck. My cat goes out all the time and we have never had a problem.

We do not have a cat flap and our cat is quite happy to wait for us to come home and let her in or if we are in she scratches at the door to come in. this is no problem.

Regarding your friends allergies. It is not the cat they are allergic too or even the fur it is an allegen that is deposited on the fur when the cat grooms. there are ways of reducing these allergens:
Make sure your cat is regularly de-flea’d.
Groom your cat outside and regulalry perhaps twice a week.
Wipe the carpet down with a damp cloth after vacuuming
Try a pet shampoo that reduces the allergens, like PetalCleanse or Allerpet.

I hope my advice has helped and that you will be able to find some way to let your cat outside on a regular basis.

best wishes Kate


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