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QUESTION: Hi Kate. Thank you for making yourself available to all of us!! I just adopted a 3 year old fixed female Siamese cat. I have had lots of Siamese in the past...but this behavior is new to me. She has only been in my home for a maybe time will make some changes...but she wags her tail...flips it's tip...a lot. Also has hair on end down her spine sometimes. She is overly affectionate (more so the first days of the week). I live alone...a my house is quiet. She seems happy in other ways...plays...eats...sleeps on my tummy...enjoys watching the birds outside, etc. Should I be worried about her??? I really do love her already, but hate thinking she is feeling aggressive/upset all the time.... Thank you!!!

i wouldn't worry too much. It sounds like your cat just needs some time to settle down in her new home. She is probably still getting spooked by new smells etc and perhaps thats why she appears to be upset.

Give her time, lots of love and attention, plenty of things to do, a bored cat is an unhappy cat and give her her own safe area where she can escape to if she feels she wants to be alone.

I'm sure you are doing all this anyway. Its to hear another cat has got a good home

best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: Thanks so much Kate! I'm so happy to hear that, 'cus I love her already!! Can you tell me all the things a cat might love doing so she won't be bored? I play with her chasing her catnip toy, little balls...she sits, chattering, on her blanket watching tons of birds (on my feeder 2 feet away from her...a window between them of course!) and gets loving whenever she wants. (Oh, and sleeps with me...when she wants...often under the covers...I love it!) Have I forgotten some things???? I do want her to be happy! Thanks again!!!

can i ask you to visit my web site and read the following pages about how to play with your cat and how to stop your cat being bored. i found that a lot of people were wanting an answer like this so i wrote some pages about it. here are the links and I hope you find them helpful




best wishes Kate


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