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I have two cats one is one and the other I have had for a year, but was a stray when I got him. For the past year they have lived together and have had no problems using the catbox. We have two. One upstairs and one down stairs. Recently they have stopped peeing in the catbox and started going around the catbox and yesterday I found some pee in our closet where we keep our dirty clothes. The last cat litter that we bought was the same brand that we usually buy but a different type, however I am 90% sure we have bought this kind before. The only other thing that I can think of that is changing is that we are going to have our first baby and are cleaning out the rooms where their litter boxes are. Also, the catbox that is upstairs now needs to be moved down stairs out of what will be the babies room. Why are they doing this and what can I do to make them stop?

yes cats don't like changes and sometimes when things do change it can make them feel a little insecure in their home environment and so they try to make themselves feel more at home by spreading their scent around. It is a common problem and one that should subside when things settle down again.

if you are anxious to try and stop the behavior it may be that you have to do some intensive litter tray training again. this requires confinement in a room with their litter tray until they settle down again, but it does depend on your circumstances if you feel this is necessary or not. here is my web page about litter training and also one about this sort of behavior for your information./cat-urine.html/cat-litter-box.html

Hope things settle down for you soon.

best wishes Kate


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