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Hello, I have a wonderful ruddy Abyssinian, named Abby, who is 14 yrs. old and recently had her senior check up which came back great, minus a cavity. She has always been mainly indoors but we let her outside ever so often.  I lived with my parents where Abby for 13 yrs. lived as the only pet then my brother got a kitten Abyssinian, which Abby in her age was not very fond of; but gave her some interaction with another cat.  I just moved into my boyfriends house which is very close to my old house and I brought Abby over today.  She seems to be adjusting well checking everything out.  Is there anything I should know from your experience what to watch out for?  Or to make to the adjustment as easy for her as possible?  Another issue is we have 2 dogs here, but both r very well behaved (and Abby aswell seemed to get along well with other dogs rather than other cats) their breeds are Boston terrier and Pitbull Terrier (I know the bad rap pits have but I have never had a better dog and hes good around the neighborhood cats and very mellow) They r with my boyfriend at work today so Abby is getting to adjust to the house first before meeting the boys.  Any info. or advice on that situation aswell?  Should I keep them separated at first?  Or is it best to let them smell eachother and introduce them to her in this new atmosphere?  Or will it be to much in 1 day for her?  Both dogs r kept in big kennels when we r not home so I know I wouldn't have to worry about them together when I'm not here. Sorry so many questions but my cat really is like my baby any advice will help!  Thank you so much! Amanda Jean

It is important to introduce animals to each other slowly and carefully so that there is no trauma that may upset their relationship for years to come.

Please read my page about introducing cats to each other (same process for dogs) it will help to get the animals used to each other slowly.

here is my page/introducing-cats.html

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